Monday, January 10, 2011

no spoonfeeding

As the new year, resolutions and all those good things begin I would like to look back and rehash the Dalai Lama’s speech at Miami University last year. Yes, I am about 3 months behind schedule—as we say in Hungarian (loose translation): sweep your own porch, because it may be just as dirty as mine... but anyway... I decided to bare my tardiness mainly because some of the points are my personal goals and resolutions in 2011 and also to perhaps inspire you. To make sure I don't lose you I am writing in a non-spoonfeeding style.

—everyone deserves a happy life.
—happiness comes form the inside: peace of mind=healthy life.
—accept and respect all.
—everyone desires affection—may it be a human being, an animal or a plant. Feeding is only one part of the equation; care and love are also essential. If we receive care and love we can also spread it around.

—a bit of an obvious claim here—bees cannot compare with human intelligence. However, with no laws, no constitution, no religion they all work together… and we as humans HAVE intelligence. Think about that for a second...

—no matter what goals we have in life—our methods to reach them have to be realistic. If we have too much emotion—we cannot see clearly. So we must remain objective whenever possible. This also means that we must know reality fully. Know 3, 4 or 6 dimensions before making a decision.

—finally the Dalai Lama called this century "the century of dialogue." The potential for conflict is always there. The method to resolve it must be by dialogue and not by force. Take the Iraqi war… motivation to eliminate dictator and bring democracy: good. Method: not good.

—when you are personally in dissonance, you must find a peaceful way to resolve it.

Happy sweeping and thinking in the new year.

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