Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's time

Time is so precious and I have nothing to roll over from last month (I'm with t-mobile anyway) or last year, or my previous jobs, or my previous lives—so I think that this very particular moment in time is as good as any to write this update.

Although I would like to use Tuesdays for my love of type (see last week's Typographic Tuesday note), but the long weekend, throughout which I did labor, I also had the chance to think. A chance to think about great things that will shape me as a graphic designer for years to come.

Firstly, an unexpected Award of Excellence in The American Graphic Design Awards competition for my student work at saa. One of my favorite projects in school was the CD cover redesign.

Each year great work is produced in this class, because music is truly so personal and expressing yourself creatively—I imagine—feels just the same whether you are a designer or a musician. After a few quick scrolls through my Itunes I chose Royksopp's Melody a.m. album. It is now perhaps better known because of the Geicco caveman song (Remind me), but Poor Leno and Royksopp's night out have been favs of mine (yes, I said favs) for years. I knew I wanted to combine music and morning somehow in my design, I just didn't know how. Many sleepless hours later the idea of a turntable with an aerial view of a coffee cup surfaced and the design started to take shape.

If you know me... and my dear followers I think do know this... I love to make things. Nothing like a fresh blade (only to cut paper, not to worry!) in the exacto knife or intricate details awaiting to be cut—and I am excited. Thanks to a couple of group critiques and Tyler Spahr for giving me blank DVD sleeves, I built a turntable. From start to finish: an intricate box with hinges, a clear lid that closes, a CD that is a shot of a coffee cup, a functioning turntable needle that is adhered with an eyelet, and for an extra added bonus: a little booklet with lyrics to the wonderful songs—no time or attention to detail was spared. And for that I thank Flick; his creative direction and never-good-enough-oh-you-can-do-so-much-better attitude surely made me crazy sometimes but also made me extremely proud of this project:

And while we are on the subject of handmade and intricate designs, this could not be a better transition into my second thought for today's post: my new etsy shop. If you don't know what etsy is, this is a good time (waaaaaaaay before the holiday mayhem) to get acquainted with peeps who make anything and everything precious with their two hands. I am pledging to do the same: use my creativity, love of all things paper, and cutting precision to bring wonderful paper goods to life. I will periodically update my shop, and you, too my dear readers and followers about what's new in paperreka's world.

Until next time: stay focused, creative, and respect the paper!

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