Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Multiples of perfect: paperreka

A few months ago—after I graduated from art school—I had high hopes of getting my dream job. I wanted to work at the perfect agency, the perfect distance away, have the perfect co-workers and make the perfect amount of money.

It turns out I created this opportunity for myself. Still employed at the Museum, about a month ago I created paperreka. "She" was always a part of me—paper, cutting paper, gluing paper, and the idea of creating a never-before-seen fold or combination of papers for an invitations just thrills me. So I launched by super easy website on etsy.com and here I am.

I do work at the perfect agency: my beautiful home office, I do have the perfect distance to travel to work (hop over to Home Office Boulevard and take the first right) and I do have the perfect co-workers: birds chirping.

 As for making the perfect amount of money—I made two sales so far. So head over to my shop and start thinking about fall/winter/xmas/new year's eve parties, xmas cards, custom stationery as gifts for the holidays or just ask me to create whatever your heart desires.

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