Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have been struggling to write an intro without sounding pretentious and fake. So I am just going to tell you how good it felt to receive 4 Addy awards from the Greater Dayton Advertising Association (GDAA) this past weekend: really good. Being one of the non-traditional students in school, pulling so many late nights, sacrificing time away from my husband, family, and friends—were all worth it when I was called up to the stage to receive a severed Hermes head. Yeah, nothing says you are amazingly talented and creative than a large, heavy, and severed head.

Here are some photos of the pieces that won: the Duracell magazine ad (bronze) where the footer reads "toy car not included;" the Royksopp CD cover (silver) titled Melody a.m. mixing musical elements of a turntable with images of a morning routine; the Toyota capstone branding project (silver) of a hypothetical car that runs on water; and last but not least the gold winner—the PF Chang's menu design with oriental inspired tactile overload.

Herm (the head) and I would like to thank those who helped make this come true—you know who you are. A very special thank you to the GDAA for forever renaming the Student Hermes Award to the The Dan Johnson Award for Student Achievement to honor Dan's legacy of mentoring young designers. Rest in peace Dan.


  1. Thanks Bad Date. Means a lot coming from such a twisted and creative mind!

  2. Yea, that all you ever did was gloat, It isn't really fair when you already have the degree and you are competing against those who are still learning and earning theirs.

  3. "Anonymous" needs a reality check. The work that won the awards was created while she was a student earning her degree. The hard work that went into those winning pieces during portfolio was unmatched by very few. The fact of the matter is she went above and beyond and earned the recognition because of a lot of hard work and her desire to not quit until it was perfect. Bitter, table for one... your table is ready.