Tuesday, February 9, 2010

logos are tricky

As I am in the process of branding a dear friend of mine (with logo, business card, and website) I often find myself looking at my inspiration folders to create something visually stunning and original. Both are hard work. There are amazing logos out there and to be original is always challenging. While I hope to share the process of my logo development at a later stage, for now, I would like to insert here some of my favorite logos in no particular order (mostly from logopond.com)

Bowling shoe logo by Gregidea

Pangur glass craft by Fogra
Sparrow logo by unknown designer
Inksect by OcularInk
Piano forest by JasonCho
Twins logo by actiondesigner
Zip logo by unknown designer
K12 reader logo by unknown designer
Page fold logo by TKHoury
Killed logo by unknown designer
Birdie logo by Gregidea 
If you know any of the "uknown" designers, or if the logos are not correctly linked to the original designer please let me know. It is only my intention to inspire, never to plagiarize, and it is never my intention not to not give credit where credit is due. 

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